Industrial designer Charles Godbout, born in 1955 in Montreal, first made his mark on the industry as founder and president of a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-tech aluminium systems and space frames for interior architecture and exhibitions. He then returned to his first love, furniture design, and opened his independent studio, Topo Design. Since then, he has steadily built a solid reputation as a prolific, creative, highly-skilled designer, and has collaborated with several international-level furniture companies. He’s one of the very few designers in Quebec to have worked as a freelance consultant for Italian furniture manufacturers.

His years as head of a mid-sized manufacturing business have led him to develop a very pragmatic approach to design and a clear vision of product development. His continuous drive for excellence, coupled with his ability to take on new challenges by applying advanced technologies (notably using aluminium), has proved quite successful, earning him various distinctions and a rich and unique experience base.

For him, industrial design is, first and foremost, a tremendous tool to serve both human needs and every day life. Never sacrificing important ergonomic and functional aspects, his achievements are marked by clean lines and are recognized for their pure aesthetics, their elegance and their modernity.

Since 1992, Godbout has regularly collaborated with architect and industrial designer Luc Plante. He has received many local and international design awards, individually and in partnership with Plante. He is an active member of the Association des designers industriels du Québec (ADIQ) and of the Canadian Association of Industrial Designers (ACID). He also teaches at the École de design industriel of Université de Montréal since 2002.