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For Charles Godbout, industrial design serves business strategy, first and foremost. It is the fruit of a meeting, the entrepreneur’s vision as understood by the designer.

What he loves above all is to push the bounds of creativity to solve his clients’ problems and help them stand out by capitalizing on the latest technology. In this way, design becomes a means to an end, not an end in itself.

His aim is not to showcase his own artistic approach, but to ensure his clients’ success. His signature? Products that are well thought-out, catch the eye and make life easier.

He is pragmatic and passionate about industrial production, factory processes, materials, tools and leading-edge technology. Through this lens of experience, his designs are based on an in-depth understanding of how a product is manufactured.

He is instinctive, a creator whose design process is a driving force for the company. With him, there are no concepts without a specific basis, no ephemeral styles, dogmas or gratuitous effects. His formal research has sense, elegance, personality. A refinement that is evident down to the technical details.

When Comfort Makes All the Difference

The Voyager waiting bench system illustrates well this determination to find solutions to materialize carrying ideas, such as the one to facilitate the life of the travellers.

Manufactured by Artopex, Voyager is not only technically distinctive, but also comfortable. Of all the waiting room seating on the market, few really consider the well-being of its users, who, held captive, are often forced to spend long hours waiting in airports and hospitals.

With this in mind, Charles Godbout and his partner Luc Plante designed a seat that offers superior comfort. Thanks to its elastomeric membrane, Voyager provides more dynamic support than hard shell seats. This technology “adjusts” the backrest to the user, making even long waits more bearable.

GPA - Charles Godbout - Luc Plante

Already working as a design consultant under the name of Topo Design, Charles Godbout joined with the architect Luc Plante in 2003 to create the firm GPA.

More than a simple collaboration, the purpose of this entity is to confirm their team work within the framework of projects related to the habitat (architecture products, urban furnishing, etc.) and this, at the same time as their respective professional activities.

This multidisciplinary approach allows them to increase their strategic vision.


GPA is also a signature facilitating their participation in design competitions and making it possible to create specific alliances with groups of architects, town planners or landscape architects, for the realization of large-scale projects.

aDesign Award

The multiaxial curtain wall GLASSWAVE standed out at the international design competition A’Design Award and Competition 2012, held in Como. The duo Godbout-Plante has been granted a Golden Award (in the top 3% of the winning projects) at the Building Materials, Construction components, Structures and Systems category.

Organized by the OMC Design Studio and its spinoffs, this annual competition aims to recognize excellence in design by rewarding the best design oriented products from around the world. In addition to being part of an international press campaign, the winning projects will be exhibited at the MOOD Museum of design in Como.

Sesame Creative doors

By reinterpreting the very idea of doors, Sesame opens new avenues and becomes a unique creative platform. Designed by Charles Godbout and Luc Plante, this concept is built on the idea of offering architects, interior designers and consumers the freedom to create their contemporary interior doors.

Sesame doors stand out for their aluminium section frames that allow for the insertion of different types of panels in various materials. Depending on the materials, colours and finishes selected, it becomes possible to individualize the appearance of your interior doors and to give your surroundings even greater style.

Portes Sésame
Portes Sésame

The two designers joined forces with the experienced managers, Francine Couture and Serge Dupras to found the company SESAME creative doors in 2010.

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